the Queens

Feature film

Actress Annie Yi directs a story of relationships.

vfx supervisor

the Premise

The story is about the strength of friendships. Three close friends navigate the complexities of dating and marriage.


For a character driven film this had a lot of complex locations. Two of the most challenging were a singular move across a 4 lane street, and a party atop a building.

In an early shot, a camera in a hotel room moves out the window, down the side of the building and catches one woman coming out of a taxi, who then walks into the front door of that hotel. The camera then turns to follow another getting out of a car across the street, and following her into another hotel, and down that hallway.

Actress getting out of the taxi

The difficulty came when the DP insisted that there be no 'trick' to merge the crane shot necessary for going down the building, with the handoff to the steadicam middle of the street. The obvious solution would be to have a car or truck pass in front of the camera. He wouldn't hear of it, so both I and the lead compositor were perplexed. We had planned for this to be wiped with a vehicle. Finally after I suggested many 'cheats' he agreed to a whip pan, this would at least make it possible, so the match of speed and angle could have some play.

We made it work, but not perfectly. This is because when it came to the night of the shoot somehow the whip pan idea had gone away. The woman getting out of the car on the far side had two assistants to come to get her, and these guys were hard to match from the crane shot to the steadicam. Fortunately we were able to disguise it enough that most people wouldn't notice.

Making of short
The only day shot of the roof, tables getting ready
One of our high flying drone shots over the Bund
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