the Daoist

Feature development

Animated story of an old Daoist falling in love

Writer / Director

the Premise

To develop a unique story and look, focusing on a very Chinese subject.


Early in my China experience I was asked if I wanted to direct a short that was meant to eventually become a film. Sure, it looked like fun. I wrote the script based on an existing idea. I changed quite a bit about it and was happy enough with it that we began creating the huge number of necessary assets.

the beautiful home of the old daoist

Just one street scene where a chase happened was insanely complex for the time. In hindsight we needed a much larger team, but I was only the director. Although there was no real deadline, the producers had bitten off a lot. We had no pipeline system in place and kept track of everything through spreadsheets and filemaker.

interiors were very detailed and historically accurate.
route of the chase

I was very pleased with the look we achieved with the test, and there was quite a bit more we had finished, but I don't have a copy of it. Unfortunately the funding dried up, but it was a great experience while it lasted.

We had some great character design talent
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