Space Reporters

Wind Energy

An international series focued on the environment through documentary and animation.

Animation Supervisor

the Premise

The director created this series with very specific needs to tell her stories. In this case the battle between green energy and oil. I was very enthusiastic about the series given my interest in environmental issues.


Big American Films produced the animation for this episode of the series. Evan was the animation supervisor. The work was done with a small team and aside from the two main characters, the episodes had unique characters. In this case the two fighters.

There were 10 of these to get done, but and us plenty of time to do these 2.  At this point I was on my own with an assistant, having given up on my animation studio as a going concern.  But the director had done the test with my studio team and trusted me.  We hired a couple of freelancers for the animation and I supervised it to get the motion right.

The director had very specific actions in mind for the entire fight since it had to reflect the points she was making in the documentary sections. There is work to also create an IMAX film with these as a base.

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