Space Reporters

City Gardens

An international series focued on the environment through documentary and animation.

Animation Supervisor

the Premise

The director created this series and had very specific needs to tell her stories. In this case the challenges of feeding a growing population.


Big American Films produced the animation for this episode of the series. Evan was the animation supervisor. The work was done with a small team and aside from the two main characters, every episode had unique characters. In this case only a ladybug, but the main characters were used a lot.

As with the other one we did, this one was also fun.  We particularly liked the ladybug.  Unfortunately when the composite was done the editor didn’t realize there was a layer for the flapping wings.  By the time I saw the result (she did the online in a different city) it was too late.  She seemed happy enough but it still bothers me to see it missing.

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