Room for More

Game promo

A short turn-around production with 3 original characters.

Director / Animation Director

the Premise

Meant to be the first of 3 promos for the online role playing/action game “City of Steam”. The game was based on a popular series of books. The characters were designed to fit into this rather bizarre world of magic meets reality. In this case times are tough in the city.


With limited schedule we at Big American Films worked out a story and script with the client. Since their game was well under way they had the in-house talent to build out the the room and textures, which was a great time saver for us.

We proceeded to design and build the characters.  It was an intense 2 months for our small group, the stress sending our cg lead to the hospital!

In the end the client was very happy and used the video as the key draw to their booth at the gaming conference in S.F.  Sadly the game did not do well enough to continue the other videos.

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