Legoland Racers 4D

Theme park film

13 min Animated Stereo 3D [plus theater effects] for Legoland international.

VFX / CG Supervisor

the Premise

Legoland needed a stereo film for their small wide screen cinemas. It was to play in all their parks worldwide.


Produced by SimEx in Santa Monica. We had gathered around 15 very skilled animators to work on this production which took about a year. I was brought on to help supervise effects and ended up also production supervisor. It was a great experience, mostly because the team was amazing, so much talent. Every department had seasoned artists and it showed in the final result.

This was a stereo show, and setting up stereo is quite tricky to do correctly. It is not at all automated. We hired Peter (Petie) Anderson to come in several times to give stereo classes. He was probably the most experienced DP/stereographer in the world. He and I spent many hours together and I learned a great deal. Eventually I gave myself the job of setting the stereo parameters for each shot myself. This turned out to be a big mistake as it was much more work than I had imagined in addition to my general supervision.

When it came time to render we didn't have nearly enough horsepower. We looked everywhere and finally ended up rendering long distance to Korea. 13 minutes HD in stereo with many layers per shot was a huge job. Even to keep the rendering organized kept a couple people busy all the time.

I wish I had some photos of the team and some wip.

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