Along the way I've made a few short films, mostly for fun. The ones here all came after my Sinbad movie.


Shot in an afternoon and evening, downtown in the colonial area and at the majestic Shwedagon temple complex.  Rangoon was another name for Yangon, Myanmar.  This was a test of a Red camera system so there was no production planning, just run and gun.

Adam Walks In

This was the second time I was involved in the 48-hour project, first time directing one. There's little doubt we would have won, but we were disqualified by missing the deadline by a few minutes. Oops, but it was a crowd pleaser. 48hrs soup to nuts is quite an experience.

A lot of things fall through the cracks of course, but we had a group of very dedicated people. The only thing we really lacked was more portable lighting so the alley scenes suffered. A big miss in this edit was the rat poison didn't get shown enough.

All's Fair

Another 48hr I directed. We had a big crew and the bar was a great location. Our coffeeshop location unfortunately had a very loud street just over the fence. There's always something, but the challenge is the fun.

SBYC Promo

When I first moved to Shanghai one of the first things I wanted to do was join the local sailing club.  It was first of all amazing that a Chinese city even had one.  There were a fairly small number of members and I got my future wife Julia involved.  

There was an annual boating show (almost all power boating) where the club had a booth.  There was no descent video so after a few years I decided to make one.  Turns out it even caught some international attention and played on the European sailing channel regularly for two years.  It was a freebie and I enjoyed making it.

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