Move With Purpose

Let me help with the direction

About Me

I have decades of experience in entertainment including writing, directing, producing, animation, cg, vfx and design.  My aim is simple, to take the client to their goal in a creative way.
Creative results come from an understanding of the problem, and enough experience to find a way to solve it.
Let's start a discussion about where you want to go.
Contact Evan

How I Work


An in depth talk with you the client to see where you are coming from, what are the real goals and deliverables. You may already have a full brief, but either way is ok.

Creative proposal

My team and I brainstorm in order to propose ideas, along with ball park schedules and even budgets to ensure the right direction.  Rough story and mood boards may result from this step.

Concept Design

When we get here we are in full motion to flesh out the story, environments, characters, and other design elements.  After approvals there will further detailed designs and a rock solid story.


We put everything into a detailed schedule and put the production teams to work.  This will have reviews and approvals along the way to make sure there's no problems.


It's almost done.  If there is installation involved then I stay through to the end to make sure it's all the way it should be.
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