Find a Direction

Not every one leads to the same place

Who I am

I have always been eager to learn and hands on. My keen interest since a child in science, art and animation has served me well in cg and vfx.

As an experienced supervisor, director and craftsman I listen well, which helps in working with teams and solving problems.

My Expertise

Having been in film and video production / post in one form or another since my first job, I have developed familiarity with most of the processes and I enjoy it all.

Skills I feel comfortable with include story/screen-writing, filemaker database,  technical illustration (hand drawn and cg), storyboarding, animation, pre-vis (currently in Modo, moving to Blender), final cut / resolve editing, motion graphics and compositing.  Other more common productivity apps.

I used to be quite good at Nuke (I bought the first licenses in China), but out of practice a bit.


Bachelor Degree – Geomorphology

Independent studies – filmmaking, design

University of Utah

Various extended film classes




Photography, Drawing, Writing, Dinghi sailing

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